Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Carl Sievers, Co-Owner & Operator

Carl grew up traveling a lot, paying his dues skiing on Midwestern ice hills. Since then he’s made skiing a way of life. With a degree in English and Sociology Education, he’s made winter a priority. Whether building industrial water clarifiers or tending bar, the allure of deep powder skiing has always been a trump card. In the off season he works in Missoula’s fine dining restaurant the Red Bird, rafting and waiting for the snow to start flying. He is a NOLS/WMI Wilderness First Responder, CPR and first aid certified and has received his Avalanche/Snow Safety training and certifications from Rod Newcomb and the American Avalanche Institute. He loves and respects the humble feeling he gets in the snow covered mountains and wants to be skiing until he’s old and gray.

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Adam Simon, Co-Owner & Operator

Adam grew up in Idaho, causing havoc on the slopes of Targhee and Jackson Hole.  He moved to Montana in the Late 90's and developed a love for backcountry skiing while acquiring a degree in geology at the University of Montana. He then received his avalanche education at the AAI from the legendary Rod Newcomb.  When not skiing powder Adam wrangles his two children at ski hills and down rivers and works as a respiratory therapist in Missoula.  


JW Reid, Guide

Yurtski's right hand man, JW is a carpenter by trade and has worked in solar power and green building. He first gained a respect for the backcountry by frequently traveling the Arctic watershed of Northern Ontario and Quebec in a canoe. This eventually led him to pursue a degree in Environmental Studies, specifically climate change. Rarely seen on a chair lift, he can be found earning his turns with the best of them splitboarding in Montana's mountains. Not afraid of hard work in inhospitable conditions, his devotion makes him ready for any challenge. JW has a Wilderness EMT certification and has done his avalanche training in Montana. He also likes hot coco in bed.

Michael Ormandy, Guide

Michael learned to ski with his Grandad in the hills of West Virginia and moved to Montana in the nineties seeking a life in the mountains. After pouring way too much money into three esteemed institutions of higher learning, he got serious about his pursuit of happiness outdoors. As a member of Lohans Landscape Service, Michael has found a nice balance of work and play that allows for winters off - mostly. When the snow’s flying you’ll find him chasing elk, riding chairs at the local hills or hiking the backcountry. There’s nowhere he’d rather be than in the snow with friends at Yurtski.