Gear Haul Service

Take the weight off your back and let us haul in your food, drink and equipment.

Guided Tours

Let the Yurtski guides share their favorite powder stashes with your group.

Self-Sufficient Yurt Rentals

We'll get you a map, discuss snowpack and avalanche conditions, and get you headed the right direction.

Terms of Service & Cancellation Policy

Your reservation includes exclusive use of the yurt you have rented.  Making a reservation means you have agreed to the following list of terms required by YURTSKI.

YURTSKI does not guarantee the weather, snow/avalanche conditions, or your group's attendance but we will strive to make the best of unforseen situations

Yurty Things

  • The yurt and dishes must be cleaned and all trash/personal gear packed up and set outside by 10am on the morning of your departure.
  • Firewood bunks must be restocked.
  • Maintain path to outhouse, path to yurt and firewood pile.
  • Each group member must read and sign liability waiver.
  • Dogs are not allowed.
  • Do not leave behind food.
  • No fireworks.
  • Groups need to consider and respect other yurtski/forest users.


  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday are considered weekend dates.
  • The yurts are reserved on the nights you want to stay.
  • Gear haul is not a people haul and maybe subject to availibilty and is limited to 40lbs per person.
  • Please carpool as parking at the trailhead can be limited.


  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your YURTSKI trip.
  • Once we have received your deposit it is your responsibility to fulfill the use and full payment of your reservation.
  • Dates are not transferable from season to season.
  • Reservation dates may not be transferred to other dates without the loss of deposit and responsibility of full payment unless we are able to rebook the dates of the confirmed reservation, in the later case there is a $50 service charge.
  • Your group is accountable for full payment of the minimum yurt rental fee for the dates you have reserved.
  • Groups that cancel are responsible for full payment of the minimum yurt rental fee, unless we are able to rebook the dates of the confirmed reservation.
  • Groups that have less than the minimum amount of people are responsible for minimum payment.
  • Payments are to be made in full prior to yurt use.
  • You are responsible to know the number of nights for which you have rented the yurt/s
  • Dates reserved via donated trips are not transferable to other dates or other people.
  • No refunds for early departures, snow conditions, avalanche hazard, getting lost or failure to reach the yurt.